rega brio-r vs exposure 2012s2

Hi guys,

First thread here. I've been looking for an amplifier for my dynaudio dm 2/6. The first I'm interested is rega brio-r as I'm using rega rp1 turntable. But when I found that exposure 2010s was highly recommended by stereophile, I was kind of lost. After searching for a while, I found both amps were reviewed as neutral, dynamic etc, which I love and want. So anybody here has any experience with these two? My source will be wyred 4 sound ┬ÁDAC and rega rp1 turntable as mentioned before.

Do yourself a big favor and don't listen to anything Stereophile has to say. Roll it up and swat flies. That's all it's good for.
I'm a Rega dealer and think the Brio-R is a killer option for the money.

But, I did trade for an Exposure 2012 a few months back. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the sound quality of the unit. I had never heard one before, but did play around with it for a week or so before I sold it. Quite a nice piece.

I think you would probably be very happy with either. But the Brio-R and RP1 combo is a good one.

Good luck!
I own both. I recently replaced a Creek EVO with a Rega Brio-R that I bought here for use as a desktop amp. The Exposure 2012s2 is my primary amplifier, and I've owned it for going on a year.  There is not much comparison between the two amps. I enjoy the Rega immensely but the Exposure is in a different league. More detail, finer resolution, more power and ultimately, more character. That's not a knock against the Rega; it's a testament to the Exposure. If I were limited to < 1000 dollars the Rega Brio-R would be at the top of the list.