Rega Brio-R vs Elicit-R

Hi all!

im considering upgrading from my Brio-R to an Elicit-R. Has anyone else made the same jump - could you share your impressions? Significant? Different? The same but better? No difference?

my speakers are Wharfedale Diamond 10.7, and Rega RS5. 
Thanks all!
I’ve heard both amps. It’s a significant jump. Even the jump to Elex-R is huge. 
I’d say the jump from brio to elex much larger than jump from elex to elicit 

Some Rega fans prefer the sound of the Elex-R over the Elicit-R.

The Elex-R sells for around $1000 used and is an excellent amp for that price. 
I would also audition the two other more expensive Rega amps just to get an idea of the changes in sound quality as you move up the line...
I’ve heard all three but never in a controlled head to head or even at the same time. So it’s difficult to compare with any degree of accuracy. Each will obviously have similar house sound, and as you go up the ladder you’ll get "more" of it - no different than any manufacturer’s lineup.

That said, I believe there are some reviews (you’ll have to look for them) that perhaps indicate that the Elicit-R may be, if memory serves, a bit more forward than the Elex-R. Don’t quote me on that, but when I was researching them 1.5 years ago it seems to me that I saw something like that.
Thanks kren0006 - yeah I’ve read several folks describe it as “more laidback, but also more bright” than the Brio/Elex. Folks seem to say the Elex-R is more of the Brio-R sound, while the Elicit-R is more “refined” but laidback, lacking assertiveness. Does any of this square with your experience? I don’t know how laidback and bright can co-exist frankly...
Sorry, I wouldn't be able to comment with any degree of certainty because I heard them at different times with different speakers and equipment etc.  

I suspect that any differences in tonal balance result from the differing release dates (I think they were released maybe a year apart??) and the latter (which I think was Elex-R and Brio-R, versus Ellicit-R) incorporating some additional knowhow that Rega attained over that year.  But that is just a guess, and I could be off on the dates.  Haven't looked at for quite awhile.
I am taking my Rega system into the local store to sell on consignment tomorrow...

Elex-R amp
Rega DAC 
Rega RS-7 floor standing speakers
Hi @photomax tell me more! Why are you selling? What did you like about your set up?  Did you ever audition the Elicit-R in your system?

I have two systems. I started upgrading one (moving away from SONOS streamers) which created a whole new journey down the rabbit hole of slowing upgrading everything. I landed up buying and later selling different things in a quest to get my digital sound as satisfying as my turntable set up. 
In the system (used to be Rega) I now have a Linn front end, Pass Labs pre, Pass Labs amp and Spendor D9 speakers.

I have heard four amps in the Rega line. I found the Elex-R was the sweat spot for the money. I have not listened to the new Aethos though.

I like the Rega sound. I find Rega is one of those brands the benefits from a system being all Rega.