Rega Brio-R vs Creek Evolution 50A

So I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands. I have put together a very competent 2 channel system consisting of a Rega DAC, Rega Brio-R and Rega RS5 floor stander speakers. Sources are a Mac Mini and Oppo BDP-93 over Tos-link and Coax respectively. It sounds awesome for music but I miss having surround sound for movies. The kicker here is I have a Rega VOX Center Channel and Rega RS-1 bookshelf speakers already from a previous failed attempt at a multi channel setup which are sitting here gathering dust. So I have taken to the internet in search of a way to have the best of both worlds without giving up anything. It seems like the Creek Evolution 50A might be a great solution as it has a home theatre bypass which the Brio-R sadly lacks. I know I could simply feed the pre amp outs from a receiver and set the volume at 12 o'clock on the Rega, then calibrate and call it a day but I would like a more elegant solution. Besides I tried that with a short lived Cambridge Audio Azul Receiver and was really disappointed with the results. Too low a voltage on the pre outs maybe but I had to really crank the Brio R to get any kind of volume out of it. Long story short, has anyone here heard the Rega Brio-R and the Creek Evolution 50A. I really love my Brio-R especially due to the synergy with the rest of the Rega components but I miss my movies. I listen to pretty much all genres of music from smooth Jazz to hard rock/metal and electronic so I need an amp that sounds good with everything I throw at it which the Brio-R currently does. I have read rave reviews on the Creek but I would like to get everyone's input. Thanks!
The Creek is going to be slightly more punchy than the Brio-R. I've owned the Brio-R and the Mira 3, as well as heard the Creek over at an audiocircle member's house a while ago. I preferred the Creek for its overall space, midrange presence, and ability to separate voices.

Still, you have that Rega synergy throughout the system to consider.
Thanks for the response Simao. Did you also find the Creek to be quick on its feet, especially bass wise? Definitely a Rega quality I don't want to sacrifice.
Yes - both the Creek Evo and the Creek OBH DAC I used to have were surprisingly nimble. Mike Creek knows how to design a well-balanced, affordable component.

In some ways you'd be making a lateral move with the Rega-to-Creek switch, with the Creek a smidge higher in overall delivery.

However, I'm a biased 2-chennal guy, so i vote for whatever gives you the best two-channel sound.
Really appreciate the advice Simao. I realize it would be a mostly lateral move but I can't cleanly integrate 2 channel and multichannel with the Brio-R I have now. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be giving up anything in the process. Hope you are having a happy holiday!