Rega Brio-R or NAD C326BEE for TV/Bedroom system

Hey all,

I sold my Yamaha RX-A3020 receiver because I ended up only using 2 small front speakers, and it was overkill.
I have a few sources connected to my Samsung TV via HDMI, and will want to output either bluetooth or TOSLINK to a small DAC and then to an integrated. Speakers are Epos K5.

In about 6 months from now, I will be moving and plan on relocating this system to the bedroom.
Sometime in the future, I may upgrade the speakers to something nicer, like a small PMC, ATC or Harbeth.

I have not heard the Rega or the NAD, but in the past had an Exposure 2010S2D, Creek 5350SE and Creek 4330 which I liked very much (in that particular order).

I found a NAD for $250 and can get the Rega for about $450 locally, question is if its worth the extra money and specifically in this context (TV or bedroom system, not really critically listening).
The NAD C326 is very interesting integrated amplifier. It sounds the best with the Zu Audio Wylde short Pre/Amp interconnect cables. The Rega Brio R will hardly smoke C326 with the Zu Audio interconnects.
I've had a NAD in my office system. It has that characteristic NAD "signature: sound: aon the dark side with a rolled off top-end. Careful speakaer matching is required. PSB speakers are one such choice.

I sold the NAD and I moved up to quality British electronics (REGA and ARCAM) ... a whole step up in audio performance from the NAD; especially with my REGA speakers .

With your UK speaker upgrade plan choices, the REGA BRIO-R will smoke the NAD in my experiences ....easy choice IMO.