Rega Brio-R or NAD C326BEE for TV/Bedroom system

Hey all,

I sold my Yamaha RX-A3020 receiver because I ended up only using 2 small front speakers, and it was overkill.
I have a few sources connected to my Samsung TV via HDMI, and will want to output either bluetooth or TOSLINK to a small DAC and then to an integrated. Speakers are Epos K5.

In about 6 months from now, I will be moving and plan on relocating this system to the bedroom.
Sometime in the future, I may upgrade the speakers to something nicer, like a small PMC, ATC or Harbeth.

I have not heard the Rega or the NAD, but in the past had an Exposure 2010S2D, Creek 5350SE and Creek 4330 which I liked very much (in that particular order).

I found a NAD for $250 and can get the Rega for about $450 locally, question is if its worth the extra money and specifically in this context (TV or bedroom system, not really critically listening).

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I've had a NAD in my office system. It has that characteristic NAD "signature: sound: aon the dark side with a rolled off top-end. Careful speakaer matching is required. PSB speakers are one such choice.

I sold the NAD and I moved up to quality British electronics (REGA and ARCAM) ... a whole step up in audio performance from the NAD; especially with my REGA speakers .

With your UK speaker upgrade plan choices, the REGA BRIO-R will smoke the NAD in my experiences ....easy choice IMO.