Rega Brio R or Jolida 301RC

Essentially a newbie in the process of putting together a budget system. I recently picked up a set of Paradigm Atom v6 speakers. I am pretty much set on purchasing a used PS Audio Digital Link III, since my primary source will be a PC. I have a cheap Technics CD player and Turntable as part of my current hand me down system. I have some vinyl but listen to it rarely. I primarily listen to rock, jazz and bluegrass. I like the half case size of these amps because I have limited space. The Jolida is appealing because it is 1/2 the price of the Rega, and I am intrigued by tubes. The Rega has more power, a phono stage, and is supposedly a great value. However it is at the very top of my price range. I appreciate your thoughts.
I have not heard the Rega in some time but was a dealer for Jolida for a long time. I can tell you that the Jolida 301 is a very impressive unit is does not get the claim it deserves. I am no longer a dealer but still have two of these pieces around. Worth a listen at the very least.

You may also want to look at their JD9 phono stage. I don't think you will find anything better anywhere near the price.

Again, I am not a Jolida dealer and have no affiliation with the company
I once had a Jolida 301 and compared it directly to a 4 times as expensive Creek integrated loaned to me be a dealer of both brands. He and I both agreed that the 301 was far superior in terms of soundstage, openness, tonality, and just plain involvement. After a short while I traded it in on a new Jolida 102B (a small all tube integrated) which is far better than the 301 for not so much more money ($650 for the latest version with necessary factory upgrades). I use it in my second system with very good small monitors and am continually impressed. I have upgraded all of the input, output, and preamp tubes. The sound is so good that I've improved it even further with top quality cables.
Thanks for your responses. It seems a lot of folks are pretty happy with their Jolida's.

Lars - what are the "necessary factory upgrades". If I went with the Jolida I was planning on at least switching the tubes to Sovtek's.

Anyone have thoughts on the Brio?
According to my dealer friend, current model 102Bs (as of 2 years ago) have the following upgrades: higher quality film coupling capacitors, better resistors, hexfred diodes, and better wiring. These upgrades take the 102B from mediocre to quite outstanding for the price. I don't believe these upgrade apply to the 301. However, the 102B runs quite hot and has no remote.
I have several forum friends who loved their Jolida gear "when it worked." None were happy with the reliability nor the customer support from Jolida. Maybe they were isolated incidents, maybe not. I wouldn't buy thieir stuff after what I heard.

I'm not a dealer and have no financial interest in what anyone buys.
I had my 301 for one year with no issues and I've had my 102B for over two years with no issues. I've heard the most common problem is a burned out pilot light, which might not be an issue as the pilot light is rather bright.
What did you end up doing?