Rega Brio-R matching speakers?

Finally i end up buying the Rega Rp1 TT and the Rega Brio-R, now I am missing the speakers, meantime i am using the Bose 200 series III that were in this apt when i rented, quiet ok for now, but Iam open for suggestions about what kind of speakers i might have to buy to get the best out of this great amp!
I wish i can get a better soundstage my living room is not that small.

I am also looking for interconects and speakers cable.

Thank you always.
Regards from PR
Do you have a price range you would like to stay around?
Less than 1k the whole idea is to stay on budget. During graduate school!
Vandersteen 1C
Easy drive more open than mini box speakers makes Johnny Cash sound like him,almost
full range superb performance and Made in USA for over 30 years..yes I am a dealer
Cheers Johnnyr
Rega RS3 speakers! Perfect match. I have the Brio R as well. Good amp.
Ascend Acoustic Sierras would work out well.

As a Rega dealer, I will second what Mezzanine suggested. The RS3's sound great with the new Brio-R.
I'll third the RS3's. The RS5's are even better.
The Monitor Audio RX6's are a nice pairing also. Clear and detailed, and excel with vocals.
yes, rs3s, and rega wire and couple it right...
What did you end up going with...i am getting the Rega Brio-R/Apollo next week and will be using my B&W 685's
i ended up with a pair of Rega R1, good but i found a guy closer to school happen to be an audiophile small world, so he had a pair of system audio SAK2
amazing speakers from denmark, looking like the dynaudio or dalis they are 4 ohm, 86 db, they might need a little more power, but i don't listen to high volumes.
The reg a brio-R phone is great, and the whole unit its a bargain in todays market, aim coming from more hi end things like Ayon Triton, luxman 550 MkII, so i can compare.

good luck.

What cables are you guys suggesting, now i need a DAC, cause i am playing iPod straight to RCA via wadi a dock/
Rega DAC is the obvious DAC to beat in a Rega system. I own one and can't say enough good things about it.

I use Kimber Hero with WBT RCAs from my Rega DAC into my Bryston B60. Sounds great to my ears.
am I wrong being worried about buying the Rega Brio-R knowing it doesnt have any tone controls? I have never owned an integrated without territory. i have B&W 685's and they are awesome speakers but some adjusting is usually needed
Adjust the room and speakers.