Rega Brio, Apollo, and R3?

Anyone listening to this setup? I am looking for something to play jazz, blues, acoustic guitar music, and some classical. This is for a medium-sized living room - 12 x 17 ft.

The other option that I am thinking about is the Jolida 302b, Music Hall 25.2 CDP, and Quad 21Ls.

I know one is tube, the other is digital. I love the tube, but my wife is worried about the looks of the Jolida and where it is going to go. So, if I have to go digital on this, with the Rega set up get me close?

I LOVE the Rega idea. The Brio is amazingly good (and has a KILLER MM phono stage ON-BOARD), the R3 is easy to place and swings (only fault is it is a tad "tipped-up" in the trebles)and the Apollo is a good safe choice. All combined, a fine, fine little system.
The Rega combination will work out very well. I am using the Rega Apollo, Rega Ara (now the R1) and a Prima Luna Prologue 2 integrated tube amp (oops)in a room about your size and it is a very enjoyable system to listen to.

Another system to consider is a Music Hall 25.2 amp, 25.2 CD player, and EPOS M16i floorstanders (cost new all in about $3K). I have heard this set-up a number of times in the Music Hall room at the Stereophile audio show and absolutely love it.


All good ideas. Here is a third twist:

Music Hall Trio, Quad 21L-2 speakers (about $2300 new)

The Music Hall Trio provides a quality CD player, integrated amp and AM/FM tuner in one box. It sounds nearly as good as the Music Hall separates suggested above or the snazzier looking and more expensive Arcam Solo, and if you have space or display problems, this solution may appease the Misses. For that matter the Arcam Solo might fit the bill as well, but for about $1600.

The Quad 21L-2's are very nice speakers and little bit cheaper than the Epos. The Quad 22L's are closer to the Epos M16's in configuration and exactly the same price. If you want the extra driver, I would go with the Epos since their execution is perhaps a bit more neutral than the Quad 22L.
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