Rega best buy p-5 or p-7? please HELP

in the next 30 days i must to buy a turntable, i need some help to decide for the rega p-5 or p-7, is the p-7 best buy?or the p-5? thanks
The Rega P5 has the same tonearm as the P7 I believe,the main difference being a ceramic sub-platter on the P7 as opposed to the plastic one on the P5.The P5 is the cheaper option and if you are prepared to upgrade later with after-market Rega table upgrades from various companies i.e Acrylic Platter,metal sub-platter etc.then you could probably get close to the P7 with an upgraded P5.
Are you looking to buy new or used? What's your price range?
The reason that I ask, is if you look for a decent deal on something like a P-25 or a P-9 and put a decent cartridge on it, or even a nicely modified P3, you can find some decent buys right here on Audiogon.
Good Afternoon Jopi88,

I purchased a Rega P5 with Exact cartridge last August. I have heard this unit side by side with the P7 and Exact. The P7 has a very "slight" edge in sound quality, particularly detail, but not by much.

I had the Music hall mmf-7 (a nice unit), a Pro-Ject Wood Classic with Blue Point Special (pretty good), an older THOREN TD-125 with Shure V-15 (don't get one). The Rega sounds "WAY" better than any of them. The ease of use, cost factor, sound quality makes the Rega a superb choice.

If buck$ are a key factor get the P5. If you are can swing the extra $$$ the P7 is the way to go. Be sure to listen to these rigs "in your home" with a rega Exact cartridge. It is so good for the money, much under rated and appreciated. Rega made these to mate perfectly with their arms. The new RB700 on the P5 & P7 is great!

I hope this helps,
Hififile (bennett)
thanks you guys for the help.
Art Dudley recently did a comparison test in Stereophile magazine. I have a great deal of respect for him as a writer, but do not always agree with his conclusions. At any rate, he felt that the P5 was the better value. May leave more money for a good cartridge, or additional software.
I recently bought a P5 but much preferred a Dynavector 10x5 cartridge over the Rega MM. The P5 and 10x5 are a superb combination.
P5 with the optional external power supply may be the way to go and not pay the really big bux for the ceramic platter.