Rega arm replacement w/removable headshell/wand

I just purchased a used Basis 2000 turntable that comes with a Rega tonearm.

I would like to replace it with a different tonearm that has a removable headshell or arm wand to make changing cartidges more convenient and less stressful.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions or advice to help me with this?
The Rega pivot to spindle distance is 222, with an arm length of 237. It uses a 23 mm diameter mountng hole. I also need to check the mounting hole diameter on the Basis. I think it may be larger due to a sleve for VTA adjustment.

Changing the turntable to accept a non-Rega armhole arm or changing the mount location will require shipping the table to Basis and more expense than I want.

Thanks for any help.

Jim Perry