Rega Arm mods-is it really woth t it?

Hello All,
I just picked up a Rega RB 300 for my AR ES-1 turntable. It is a real improvement over the stock AR/Jelco that was originally fitted; with dead silent backgrounds and most important to me, abolutely no grounding hum issues.
I am afraid of rewiring it for that reason-am I justified in being chicken?
Also, what is the ranking of the aftermarket
counterweights for this Arm? So many choices!
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If it sounds good to you right now, why mess with it?

I think so. The better choice for the counterweight would be the Michell Techno weight it comes with 2 weights for a variety of cartridges.
The Incognito re-wire is worth it too.
Listen to it as is for now upgrade as soon as funds become available. Do it over time is my advice.
Every time I modified my Rega arm, the sound got better....if the cost justifies the move, is up to you
Before you head down the Rega modification path, go through the list of modifications and add up the price including shipping, and some value for your time if you are performing the work yourself.

Then measure that against buying an arm from Audiomods, or another arm (SME, etc), and make a decision of whether you want to do it.
You just got the arm and you really like it. Why don't you enjoy it for a while before you think about anything else?
An audiomods is a completely different component than a rega rb300
I was not saying the Audiomods is a RB-300. I had a Basis modified Rega and was considering an Audiomods at one time because it would be a drop in replacement. Much easier than getting a new armboard made and drilled.
Ok, I guess I should give it more time as I have only had the thing for two weeks. I will try out a different counterweight and start looking at a cartridge upgrade.
Somebody say Grace?

I think there should be a law that someone has to actually listen to a component for one year before screwing around with it. I think it would help a lot of people.
LOL! Chayro, there is so much written about mods for Rega tonearms that it almost seems as if this is an absolute requirement for these arms; hence my initial inquiry about doing this.
I dissagree about waiting a year to get grip of the sonic signature of a component or a system-If one has a known baseline to start with, 2 or 3 months should suffice for the experienced audiophile.
Bravo Chayro ! If you make the motion, I'll second it !
Then, .... all in favor, raise your hands.
I don't think you'll get many votes around here. People are posting on what's the best aftermarket stuff for things that haven't even been delivered yet. It's a total sickness, but we already know that.
The Kerry Audio F-2 heavyweight counterweight is cheap and attaches in only seconds.
You will need another few minutes to play a few sections from well memorized records to feel confident you have greatly enhanced the listening experience. Actually its more like ten seconds into the first selection you play.
I added this to my RB-300 quite a few years back and the resulting arm has impressed listeners ever since.
I have been down that path. All the upgrades help, a little, but are not worth the cost, and they are virtually a complete loss when you resell it. If you really "must" upgrade a rega arm on your current table, better to get the best Origin Live arm you can afford. Or better yet, save up and upgrade to a new higher model Rega table.
Lloydc - I agree with you. I think users are better served getting a different arm instead of many many upgrades.

Of course getting a different arm will not relieve the upgrade desire. And the seemingly endless upgrade path with Rega product upgrades satisfies it with little changes at smaller incremental cost per change.
The cable from the pillar to the phono-pre is crap. On ebay uk you can find many rewire offerings. This mod is necessary all other are marginal in my opinion. I deed this
myself and considering my technical capablities anyone else should be able to do the same.