Rega Arm lift?

The arm lift support on my Rega RB250 does not go down when I put the lever down but keeps holding up the arm.I can push the support down and the lever raises the support o.k,how do I fix this? Can I add a few drops of oil?
I had a simular problem witha brand new RB600. Oil will not help as the unit is sealed and the actuator has gone bad. Best to buy a replacement and change it. The exchange is a fairly easy task too.
Can I remove the mechanism altogether?
I believe if it's built the same as the 600 then the whole assembly is one piece. Meaning that the arm and actuator comes as a unit and not seperate. The whole exschange process took me about twenty minutes............
This is a common "problem" with Rega's cueing mechanism.
It can usually be overcome by only moving the lever to just
past its vertical position and then letting the lever lower
with the tonearm. If the arm still won't lower using this
procedure then the cueing mechanism should be replaced.
Is this a new arm? I have had two Rega arms(250&300) both were bought new. They both exhibited this "problem." Follow Bill k it's only a matter of time before the weight of the tonearm will follow gravity and perform perfectly. Just don't force the arm down, then over time the slow descent turns to a flat out free fall. I know, because this happened to a degree with my 300.