Rega Aria Phonostage Vs Aqvox 2CI Mk 2

Any one use these two phono amp ? Any comment ?
Only the Rega Aria with an RP8on the MC side, and misc. MM's on the MM side; I like this combo because you can have 2 TT's plugged in at the same time.
Very different sounding these 2. The aqvox is only viable using mc input (mm is rubbish in this phonostage) - mc input uses current amplification and $ for $ provides exceptional resolution and detail, with a wide soundstage (not overly deep). The Aqvox sounds ever so slightly clinical so matching with the rest of your system will be critical as will choice of cartridge. There is also option to bypass coupling caps, which greatly improves it still further.

Rega Aria not cut from this same cloth - it looks to present more a holistic musical picture rather than letting your hear absolutely everything on your lp. Whether this presentation is for you will depend on other ancillaries.

I would personally take a fully balanced signal from my tt straight to aqvox without coupling caps and thence to a tube preamp and then your choice of ss/tube power and speakers.
Boofer Thank you very much for your feedback. Other than the two separate input, I believe you like the sound too. Does it sound Quiet, details, good slam in bass and very musical as described by Pro reviewer ? Does it sound dry and run hot with the power plug on for 24/7 ? Please share , Tks.
Dear C2300mc275,
Thank you very much. Your feedback is very detailed and useful to me, I appreciate it. You help me to decide best phono preamp suitable for me. I appreciate that. Thank you once again.