Rega Apollo vs. Cambridge Audio Azur 840c

Seems like the new Cambridge Audio Azur 840c is the new kid on the block.

I'd like to here your feedback on these 2 highly rated cdps. Has anyone made comparisons?
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75 hours on the cambridge is nonsense - it is sacriligous -

the player enters another realm at the 200 hour mark and gets better and better from there. You'll see

Smargo: Looking forward to that think 200 hours is the rite of passage for this model?
yes - basically - I mean im sure each player is a little different - this unit requires patience, patience and more patience - and i hate saying that because i think break-in should be immediately when you get it home, especially if you have a couple of days audition.

This is one of the few components that actually does sound better with break-in, ive had plenty that im still waiting to break in from 2 years ago.

I do think components are very over-rated in this hobby - this unit belies the all b.s. - it's nice once in a while to have a piece of gear really turn you on.

keep going

I'm getting a little ways off the thread so foregive me for this brief diversion. Smargo: What's your take on the dither function on the 840C? I'm relatively new to this hobby, and I think I understand the 'trade off" between to dither (more detail) vs. not to dither (blacker background.) I'm hesitant try it at this point...until it is more or less broken in. Any one with experience with his or her dither is welcome to chime in.
i haven't tried it at all - i only have experience with other players (sony) that had dither stuff in the past - To me it's all part of the b.s.

But you could try it and report back to us and let us know if its worth it, if you want to.