Rega Apollo vs. Cambridge Audio Azur 840c

Seems like the new Cambridge Audio Azur 840c is the new kid on the block.

I'd like to here your feedback on these 2 highly rated cdps. Has anyone made comparisons?
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5 player in 3 months! Do they even break in?
I just bought the 840C a few days is at about 75 hours of running time thus far. My 'reference' CDP is the Jolida 100 with a level II modification. In my A-B comparisions so far, I'd say the 840C has a titch more detail, though the more analog smoothness of the Jolida impresses me as easier to listen to over an extended period of time. I've been using the Audience AU-24 ICs for comparing, though my IC of choice is the Acoustic Zen Ref Mattrix II. Plenty of options to tweak going forward. I have had an Apollo in for trial one weekend...and I couldn't tell the difference between that and the Jolida, though I prefer the Jolida because of front loading, (perceived) build quality and a damn good headphone jack built in. Hope this helps.
75 hours on the cambridge is nonsense - it is sacriligous -

the player enters another realm at the 200 hour mark and gets better and better from there. You'll see

Smargo: Looking forward to that think 200 hours is the rite of passage for this model?
yes - basically - I mean im sure each player is a little different - this unit requires patience, patience and more patience - and i hate saying that because i think break-in should be immediately when you get it home, especially if you have a couple of days audition.

This is one of the few components that actually does sound better with break-in, ive had plenty that im still waiting to break in from 2 years ago.

I do think components are very over-rated in this hobby - this unit belies the all b.s. - it's nice once in a while to have a piece of gear really turn you on.

keep going