Rega Apollo-R

My two cents in my best non-audiophile language.
I just got a Rega Apollo-R to replace my Jolida 100 CD and TEAC VRDS transport with Arcam rDAC. I had a brief side trip to a Marantz 5005 (I hated it). I am very impressed with the Rega. It is clearly better than either of my two prior digital sources. Much broader sound stage and definition, along with a non-fatiguing sound. Probably has something to do with jitter (or distortion, impedance, resistance, speed of light or a Higgs Boson) but in lay terms, it make me want to listen to discs I haven't picked up in ages. In the world of high end, it is mid-priced, and I got a floor model. Couldn't be happier.
N.B. Once this post goes live, I will instruct my broker to by some Rega stock since my opinion is so valued, just like Kramer on CNBC causing bumps in stock prices :)
The Rega Apollo-R is an excellent music source. It sounds better than my other two sources: a Wired4Sound modified Sonos and an IMac with expensive USB cable and asyncronous dac.