Rega Apollo R

The Apollo R is the weak link in my system and I'm looking for a couple recommendations below 5K. I'm open to adding a DAC or just replacing the Apollo R with another CD player (new or used).
If you like the look and ergonomics of the Apollo, it would make sense to get a DAC and use it as a transport. With your budget, you'd have your pick of a number of top-flight DACs (Berkeley, Weiss, etc.).
Honestly, I purchased the Apollo R because I had an Apollo and thought it was decent for the price. The Apollo was used with an Audio Research DAC 7. I sold both of them and now it's time to listen to something else. The guy I sold the DAC 7 to compared it to the Wyred for sound DAC 2 and decided to sell the DAC 7. I'm looking for the best value that I can find.
If I were in the 5k market, I would pick this up. No affiliation to seller:

I have the Apollo R and DAC. They're good, but not this good. And I've only heard the Mk 1 version. Mk 2 is supposed to be quite an upgrade.