Rega Apollo or Saturn upgrade fr: Meridian 598?

Hi all,

Just wondering if any ex (or current) Meridian 598 owners (or other Meridian owners for that matter) could advise..

I have a Meridian 598 (DVD/CD transport) hooked up via digital coax to a Meridian 568.2 preamp/dac.

This combo is getting on now (circa 2002) and I may shortly have the option of getting a (new or used) Rega Apollo or Saturn.

Only problem is, financially, the Saturn is a bit of a stretch and the Apollo would be 'easier' - a bit of a no-brainer really given its reputation.

Now, I've noticed on the audiogon forums some ex-Meridian 598 users have noted that the 598's sound is kind of uninvolving (it is a DVD transport after all and not a dedicated CD transport.) I can't deny this, as, I used to own the original Rega Planet and a Meridian 508.24 years ago (and sold them both, sadly) and from recollection I actually loved listening to 2 channel Redbook CD more on those two players than my Meridian 598. There's just something about the Meridian that lacks musical involvement to me.. (Although it's a great Home Theater/DVD player =).

Now my question - for 2 channel redbook cd listening, would the Rega Apollo (with its well regarded DAC's) be a sufficient 'upgrade' from something like a Meridian 598 (coax into a Meridian 568.2's DAC's) given the age (2002) of this combo? ie, would it be a more enjoyable listen?Have DAC's and transports come further in that time?

Sorry for the questions as I 'may' not be able to personally audition the players first before purchasing. Not sure about this tho..

I've read the Saturn is better for higher end systems than the Apollo, but financially the Saturn is going to be a fair stretch for me.

Any Meridian users (and Rega Apollo/Saturn users) out there who may be able to give me any advice would be sincerely appreciated!!!

Thanks for your time today.

Personally I think the saturn is a bit dry sounding. I ended up with the meridian G08. At the same time I auditioned the Esoteric sa-10 and was a little too sterile sounding but a tad better than the saturn.
Just my opinion