Rega Apollo - DAC / Player to beat it

One of these days, my Rega Apollo is either going to die or ill just decide I want something better. But by better, I mean significantly better. Using an analogy, not like looking for more power and going from 50 watts to 65 watts. More like 50 watts to 200 watts. I know, bad analogy. Basically sonic improvement that is obvious.

So, what price level, models, brands would I have to be looking at?
It may take awhile to find one, but I highly reccomend the BAT VK-D5 SE with superpak upgrade. I have seen them sell used for less than 4k. I can hoestly say with redbook cds I preferred the sound over the EMM XDS1 at 25k. I have compared it to Electrocompaniet, Rega Saturn, Krell older models, and several others. I have always preferred the BAT.
In that price range, I would highly recommend consider looking into the Modwright-modified Oppo 105.