Is it available in the U.S.? Is it a SACD player?
It is a new device and ?? if yet available or if it will have SACD capabilities.
Though it is supposed to have a new kind of pickup and software that in theory make it better than anything that has come before it anywhere near it's price range, which is supposed to be less than the Jupiter.
just read a review of it from a guy who bought one in Milwaukee so its available now and it doesn't do SACD
It is not a SACD player. I am not sure if it is in the USA yet or not but it certainly was out in France and sounds incredible for the price of 995 Euros. Arthur
Here is a AA member review.

Hey! That's MY Review! Wow! I'm Famous now! Tee hee hee...
Funny, I was just about to post the review here for posterity.
People, this Apollo is rediculously good for the money. No SACD, but I believe it does mp3 and wave(?) files.
Just go listen to one. Nah, why waste time, buy it unheard. That's what I did! I saw the initial reviews from Europe, talked to some Rega dealers, etc. Man, were they right. (There are VERY few times I have taken calculated risks in buying equipment unheard. This, I must say, is by far the best payoff of the few 'fliers' I've taken)
I've only owned for about one week now, so yes, it's all euphoria and infatuation, but it IS a stunning difference in sound. As the dealer told me when he heard it, "It's the real deal." For sure.
If you already like the Rega sound, you'll absolutely melt when you hear it. Price? $995 U.S.
There's gonna be a LOT of Planets and Jupiters floating around used very soon I predict. Which is ok; not everyone can afford 1k for a cdp. Rega's gonna sell a zillion of these. I'm guessing they'll be on backorder before too long.
Regarding price, I will say this, if it won't kill to put in the extra bux, DO IT!
Now I'm hearing talk of a Rega Saturn (supposed replacement for Jupiter). I haven't seen much on it; spoke to my dealer where I got the Apollo and he hasn't had any industry news, so I think it's mostly conjecture at this point. (But, hey, companies do make surprise announcements, so don't take this as my being infallible on product development!)
I know there's more of 'em getting into the hands of buyers now, so maybe in a few days we'll have some more feedback than just the maniac in Milwaukee.
Does Rega Apollo decode HDCD? How is its bass?