Rega Apollo: buy a DAC or buy a new/newer CDP?

Rega Apollo supposedly has a very good transport. Would a quality outboard DAC provide a MAJOR improvement in sound quality?? Or, is the smarter move to just buy a new CDP like either a used Sony XA 5400ES or a Cambridge Audio 840C, or 851C

All three of these players have appeared several times for sale on AG. I am giving up analog and CD's will be my only source.

Having only a one source system, should I investigate an even better CDP than the ones cited above??
Had same problem, solution was a old Oppo DV-970HD with a Peachtree DAC.
I thought it sounded better than my buddies 5400 ES I borrowed for comparison, so did he for that matter.
To Schubert, Thank you for the comment. I floated a similar thread out about three years ago when the DAC issue was hot. Many members said... save your money and buy a new CDP, because an under $1000 DAC would only make a marginal improvement, if any with the Rega, even the Rega DAC

Nevertheless, I have considered the above CDP's; some claim the 840C is the smoothness, others give the Sony the highest marks.

If you have any suggestions for DAC's under $1000, please let me know. The Micromega DAC at $400 is supposedly a killer, or even the original Peachtree "My DAC" which supposedly has had lots of reliability problems
I'm going out on a limb here. Haven't done this in a while. Here's my $1000 recommendation:
Currently owned Rega Apollo-->
Lifatec Silflex optical cable $55 currently on A'gon-->
Empirical Audio Synchro-Mesh re-clocker $699 at>
Kimber Kable D-75 digital coax $69 currently on A'gon-->
Musical Fidelity V-DAC $149 currently on A'gon
Total $972
The DAC is not that important if you have a great clock. It might not be pretty but I'll bet this setup would sound incredible.
Sunny,all I was trying to say was the Oppo + Peachtree sounded better than the Sony 5400ES to me.

I have two Peachtrees, neither of which have given me any trouble, one is the idac which I use on my TV System, really an audio system as I seldom watch TV but like to listen to swing and jazz off the digital music channels.

The other is a DAC.IT which I run off a CA 650c as transport
in main system.I initially bought the Cambridge 650 because
to my old ears the 814 was to "warm" for the Symphonic Music
thats my main fare these days.And to me both Peachtrees get massed strings just right. Might be too smooth for some rockers I'm sure.
Plus Pierre at Mapleshade told me the 650 has an excellent transport.