Rega Apheta - Phono stage

I have an Apheta mated with a P5. The Apheta has a peaked upper mids/lower highs that adds harshness. Can anyone recommend an affordable (i.e. under $1k used) phono stage that can mitigate this? I can't afford the Rega iOS. Thanks.
You'd have to stretch your budget but my Liberty B2B-1 is one to consider.

Liberty B2B-1

And yes I do make them.

Good Listening

You will need a phono stage that will let you load the Apheta at 100 Ohms or lower. I understand that the Apheta really sings when loaded at 50 Ohms. I would look for a used one right here on Audiogon.
A jasmine lp2 mkII can be loaded at 30 and 100. I really like mine.
Thanks everyone for your input. Peter, will look into B2B-1.