Rega Apheta MC Cart

I am considering purchasing the Rega Apheta MC cartridge, but before I spend that kind of money, I was wondering if anyone out there has heard one? I am using a Rega P5 with Groovetracer sub and platter and Incognito rewired arm. I will be using the EAR 834P phono preamp with it.If any of you know whether or not this new cartridge will be a good match for me, please let me know your opinion.
I have an Apheta mated to a Rega P9/RB1000 and love it. The Apheta should mate well to your TT/arm. Load resistance is critical, however, and should not exceed 100 ohms (if memory serves). Not sure about the 834P and suggest you check your specs and, if in doubt, contact the folks at the Sound Organisation in Dallas (U.S. importer for Rega). They are friendly and straight shooters. You can contact them at: : 972-234-0182
Thank you Rshak. Very helpful feedback and advice, I will do just that.
Thank you again, I spoke with the folks in TX, this morning and they concur, using my Ortofon T-10 SUT would be preferable to the EAR Phono Stage Trans. and would be, as he said, an awesome match for my system. I was concerned as I had one response telling me that the Apheta is a pain to set up and not a good match, but all the other feedback has been positive, so I am going to give it a go. Expect to receive it in a week and will post my experience.
You are most welcome. Since you have a Rega arm, set up should be a breeze - I used the template that came with the cartridge and found installation easy. I like the cartridge so much that I bought a second one about a year and a half ago as a back-up. The original cartridge now has about 1200 hours on it and is still going strong!