Rega Apheta 3 Capacitance 1000pF???

Thanks to those who have helped me suss out my Aria humm issue recently.  (It had lovely sound, but interacted with my integrated too much).  I'm looking to get into a different phono stage and have noted with raised eyebrows that the Rega Apheta 3 cartridge wants 1000pF???  Manley, Herron, Parasound, Sutherland, Musical Fidelity units all top out their spec at about 350pF.  I've read and understand (as an audiophile layman - not an EE here) how "restricted" capacitance might effect a cartridge's sound; and have also read that in practice - with good gear - this typically isn't an issue.  So, a few questions please: (1) Why would Rega spec a cartridge with 1000pF?  Just to try to keep a consumer in the Rega stable (Aria; Aura)?  (2)  Who out there has experience with a phono stage not speced to a cartridge's capacitance rating and how did it go?  Bright mids?  Muted high end?  Just fine?

I'm happy to hear plugs for any - or other - phono stages mentioned above.  I've read most of the commentary on all of them at this and other forums.  I have essentially made up my mind at this point, having chatted with both the very helpful deisgner of one of those units, and a very knowledgable salesman repping others.

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Capacitance is important with mm cartridges. Should not have an effect with mc cartridges!
Based on my experience, I have to agree with yogiboy.  I currently have a Rega P10/Apheta 3.  Prior to this, I had the Rega RP10/Apheta 2 and Aria phono stage.  I may be wrong but I think the Apheta 2 and 3 have the same specifications only the stylus has changed.  I first upgraded the Aria phono stage to a Luxman EQ-500 vacuum tube phono stage.  The upgrade was a big improvement.  The Luxman capacitance is selectable from 0, 50, 100, 150, 200, and 300pf.  I tried the different capacitance settings and it made no SQ difference.  I have since upgraded to the P10/Apheta 3 and it sounds great with the Luxman phono stage.
smatsui thanks for your input.  That's great to hear.  Keith Herron is building me a VTPH-2A and I'm greatly looking forward to getting the unit hooked up to my gear.  I was a bit mistaken when I first posted: I believe with his loading plugs he can get all the way up to 1000pF if needed.  It will be interesting playing with the plugs at different capacitances to hear if there are any discernible differences.  
Why would Rega spec a cartridge with 1000pF
Are you sure this isn't a typo? It does not sound right. For more info see:

atmasphere 1000pF is their spec. You can see it at the specs for their cartridges and their phono stages.  The phonos even are switchable to higher capacitances.  Cited often in reviews of their phono gear.