Rega and ProAc: Bad?

So I visited a local high end audio dealer. I didn't listen to much, just a few snippets from a CD I didn't recognize. First was a Rega setup with that 1k Rega integrated and some compact Rega floorstanders that go for around 3k. No model was offered by the sales rep and I didn't bother asking. The other system was around 17k that included some ProAc floorstanders that cost 7k and a Simaudio source and amp.

The results were better than my Chane + Teac in that the sound was much more balanced and richer in harmonic detail. But HONESTLY the imaging capabilities of these 2 systems were only marginally better than the Chanes! The speakers didn't disappear, including the ProAcs. Sound stage was no wider. I spotted very large speaker cables and a power conditioner back there so I assume this system had all the cabling and power benefits they could give them.

I felt rushed by the millennial salesman so needless to say I won't bother going back there.

Were my expectations just skewed in general? Are these speakers just bad or a low value?
I visited a high end audio store and listened to a pair of $35k horns in a 70k (in total) system

They sounded awful - out of focus sound stage - lacking in bass - so I suggested the sales person check the polarity of the speaker cables.

Yes - they were incorrectly connected - even sales people make mistakes

You cannot base your evaluation on a quick visit. You need to get them to setup the system in a location/room similar to your own

As an example - my current speakers sounded  good enough in the store to really peak my interest - so I went back with my amp and speaker cables and the guy setup the system as well as placing bass traps to curb some unwanted room acoustic anomallies - it was a much better result - for me - and him :-)

I think you need to get the attention of the store owner or at least someone more experienced - they tend to know what they are doing.

Pro-Ac are one of my favorite speakers and are very transparent once setup correctly. I'm not familiar with Rega speakers so no comment.there.

In store room acoustics seldom show off the true abilities of a system - they should have dedicated rooms in order to do a system justice

Go back and listen again - even simple adjustments like distance between speakers, toe-in and distance from the back wall can make a difference.

But I would urge you to perhaps find another Pro-Ac dealer to audition them at - they are great value

Hope that helps