Rega amps and preamps

Anyone have first hand experience with them?
How do they compare to Naim?
I currently own a Nait 5 and love the "naim sound"but would like more power. Unfortunately, larger Naim amps are too expensive at the moment to consider.
The rega amp i'm considering is the Exon and Hal pre.

I have only ever listened to a nait2, never a nait 5. The UK alternative Naim forum is at Post there and you'll get many responses.
You could try Densen, only available in the US at in NY. They have displaced many Naim setups in the UK and offer naim like rhythm, but with better transparency and soundstaging. I own a B100 and it's a nice amp. They also have fantastic build quality and customer service, similarly to Naim.
Many on pinkfishmedia like the Rega stuff as well, though I have never heard it so I can't comment.
I have never heard the separates, but I did own an all Rega system, anchored by the Mira integrated at one time. In the context of that system, I really was impressed, especially at the price. The sound was not tube-like, but I guess you could call it warm solid-state. Not ultra revealing, but punchy and fast. When I moved on to different (non-Rega) speakers and sources I found the sound less to my liking. I think Rega is like Naim in that their electronics tend to really shine best in the context of their overall system. So you may want to consider what other gear you'll be pairing it with.
Thanks guys
Yep, I have my post over at pinkfish also. I lurk there regularly.
Sdatch: Someone over at pinkfish did caution me about having a mixed system. I am having second thoughts about the whole thing now.
Im going out to purchase a bunch of new CDs. This usually settles me down and rids any desire to swap out gear :^)