REGA 600 OR 900

I recently bought a used Rega 25, and it is supposed to have a 900 arm on it, as opposed to the regular 600, but nowhere is the # stamped on the arm itself, and there wasn't any arm manual with it, just the small table manual. What I'm wondering, is there any sure way to tell the difference between the latest Rega 600 or 900 arm?? Thanks in advance for any replies.
I have a Rega-25 with the RB-600 arm.I believe the difference between the two is the 900 has a bit tighter bearings.I know of no way to be able to tell them apart.Contact Steve Laurman in Tenn.He imports for Rega.Maybe someone else knows his e-mail address or phone #
i thought all the 900's were black, & the 600's were a dark silver... mebbe i'm mistaken?
I believe that the 900 has a different mounting scheme than the others, with three outriggers for increased stability instead of the threaded cylinder. Seems like I saw that in a review of the P9, but that was a few years once "steel-trap" memory is more than a little rusty...
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both arms are silver.Dok is right about the different mounting scheme,he refreshed my memory.I just looked at my RB-600 and the base is a thick silver like washer that fits tight against the plinth.Hope this helps.Dok,is "a perfect circle" the name of the band?
Duddy,come to think of it the 900 may be black! Im so confused now!
Thanks for the replies. The arm that I have on the table is a silver arm with the three mounting screws, but after looking at the recent pictures, and reading the latest ads, they still look the same to me. Maybe there is no real difference other than the price.
There are no 3 mounting screws on my 600.It has a threaded shaft that goes through the plinth thats tighened from below with a nut.Lots of tweaks for these arms you can do your self.Let me know if your interested.
Hello, I suggest that you contact Mark at Origin Live UK. He is an expert with Rega arms and does some wonderful mods.
I am familiar with both the RB600 and RB900 arms. Waynev, you do, in fact, have an RB900. Both are silver in color. The RB900 is unique in that it is the only Rega arm using the three screws. The RB250, 300 and 600 use a single post through the plinth. The RB900 uses the highest grade, lowest tolerance bearings of the bunch and is the most labor intensive to manufacture. I recently had the Incognito wiring mod done to my RB600 and during a conversation with Steve Lauerman, he indicated that the manufacturer of the RB900 only produces around three arms per day. Therefore, I'd say you got your money's worth.
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