REGA 3- Sounds better with dust cover ON of OFF ?

Curious to hear comments regarding whether sound quality is impeded with dustcover open,closed OR removed? AND if felt mounted on the cover's edge to protect scrathes on the plinth has an averse affect?
Don't know specifically about the Rega, but the general rule is -- dustcover off. Best answer -- listen for yourself and decide.
I expierimented with having the cover on and off on my Rega P25 and liked the results better with my cover off. It seemed to "open" things up. Probably all in my head...but try is a cheap mod.
Rega says it's best with it on. My experience is totally contrary. Their alignment protractor puts the cartridge in the wrong place as well. What do you want from a company that says it is unnecessary to clean your records? I have owned a Planar 3 for many years and currently own a P3 and have experimented with both.
If you leave it just open it wouldn't do any trick compared to the closed one. For the audiable difference remove it with hinges together(I know it's pain to place it back when you need to keep it closed other times).
Agree with above, especially Marakanetz. Remove the dustcover completely from the table during play, for best sound. Replace when finished.
I've never heard a turntable setup that didn't sound markedly better with the dust cover off, although on my system I'm not sure I hear a real difference between the cover tilted up and completely removed. Many years ago, the conventional wisdom held that closing the dust cover allowed for reverberation of the amplified music within the cavity, which was picked up by the cartridge as feedback and degraded the overall quality of the sound. I can't say if this explanation is true or not, but it does seem to make some sense. Anyway, if your ears can’t tell you which is better, then its not a problem either way :-).