rega 3-24 verses other similiar priced tables

I have an old planar 2 table and wondering if upgrading to 3-24 is worth the price.Also curious to hear opinions on music hall and vpi in the rega 3-24 price range.
Try to get a copy of last month's Stereophile, and read Fremer's review of the P3/24. He seems to love it, especially with the upgraded power supply and the Exact II cartridge. Good Luck and Happy Listening !
Frank_SM The P5 is 1295 and the VPI with JMW 9 tonearm is 1600. We are saying the same sqeeze a bit more from the pocketbook and get a bit more turntable. I don't doubt you like your Rega, I have a P25 for years and like it too...the fact is that the VPI or Nottingham sound a bit different and to me are an alternative for Danovak's perusal.
Is the exact 2 cart.better than the clearaudio arum beta s that i have on my p/2 and would the clearaudio sound good on the 3-24? thanks.
I have the Exact II cart on my P5. I think of it as quite neutral and musical. If you're currently happy with the Clearaudio you'll likely enjoy it as much or more on the new P3-24 - AND save $ just my 2 cents
Agree with the P5/Exact 2 combo - that's the rig I have. VPI's and Nottinghams would cost more, certainly more than the new P3, which to answer the original question, would certainly be a nice upgrade from the P2.