rega 3-24 verses other similiar priced tables

I have an old planar 2 table and wondering if upgrading to 3-24 is worth the price.Also curious to hear opinions on music hall and vpi in the rega 3-24 price range.
While I cannot exactly address your question, I can kind of come close. I had a very old P2 that I sold and replaced witha Music Hall MMF-5. From the first I was never happy with the Music Hall. I listen mostly to rock 'n' roll, and the Rega just seemed to rock more than did the MMF. Anyway, my old TT came up for sale at the store I'd sold it to -- with upgrades -- and I bought it back. (It had a different weight and had been rewired.) I was happy from the first, but when the motor began to have problems, I bought a new P3 (though not the P3/24.) Even in its stock form, this is a very good turntable. I think you'll be happy moving up from the P2, and I'd recommend against the Music Hall, which wasn't bad, but didn't live up. I'd been thinking about trying the P5, but an unexpected tax setback put those plans on hold for a time. Good luck!
thanks for info-not going for mm turntable-you think new p3 would be a nice upgrade instead of spending more for 3-24?
a new 3-24 gets you a lot of what used to cost much more money in the P5 - namely the power supply unit. It not only allows on-the-fly switching between 33 and 45, but is much more speed stable. I think the 3 - which I've listened to compared to the 5 would be a nice upgrade from the 2, but the 3-24 would be jumping two generations and might very well content you for a longer period. YMMV
I would get the VPI..then you can always add upgrades to it to make it even better if you wish.
The poster asked what tables in the price range of the P3/24 should be considered. That rules out any new VPI.

The P3/24 would be quite a step up from the older Planar model. The new 24V motor is a much better unit than the older Planar model, not to mention the poor mounting scheme of the Planar motor. As mentioned, the power supply could also enhance the performance of the P3/24.

I would go for a P5 if you can swing it, better arm and more visually appealing if that matters to you. The P5 is a better comparison to a Scout and I'd still go for a P5 over the Scout. I own a P5, also an older P3. I always have a couple of Rega tables in play, great value in my opinion.
Try to get a copy of last month's Stereophile, and read Fremer's review of the P3/24. He seems to love it, especially with the upgraded power supply and the Exact II cartridge. Good Luck and Happy Listening !
Frank_SM The P5 is 1295 and the VPI with JMW 9 tonearm is 1600. We are saying the same sqeeze a bit more from the pocketbook and get a bit more turntable. I don't doubt you like your Rega, I have a P25 for years and like it too...the fact is that the VPI or Nottingham sound a bit different and to me are an alternative for Danovak's perusal.
Is the exact 2 cart.better than the clearaudio arum beta s that i have on my p/2 and would the clearaudio sound good on the 3-24? thanks.
I have the Exact II cart on my P5. I think of it as quite neutral and musical. If you're currently happy with the Clearaudio you'll likely enjoy it as much or more on the new P3-24 - AND save $ just my 2 cents
Agree with the P5/Exact 2 combo - that's the rig I have. VPI's and Nottinghams would cost more, certainly more than the new P3, which to answer the original question, would certainly be a nice upgrade from the P2.