Rega 25 TT is playing slow

I just wnt to play a new Charlie Parker that I just bought and sometinhg is wrong with my TT. It is a Rega 25 about 1.5 years old. It seems to be playing at half speed (33 1/3). I played it about 2 weeks ago and everything seemed fine. Does anyone have an idea about what the problem might be?
You mean it's playing at 16 and 2/3 ?!
If the voltage coming out of the wall normal?
Are you on hash?
Those are my only possible insights. Oh, and make sure the record is designed to play at 33 1/3. Cheers
Yes, I'll bet the motor's metal spindle has come loose from the surrounding black plastic "sprocket". You can probably lift it right off. - This was my experience and Steve Laurman (sp / w apology), Knoxville Rega importer, suggested I just super glue the sprocket back on. I did and it's worked just fine. Just let it dry for 24 hours. Hope this helps- nice to have a cheap fix.. The motor is bulletpruff.