Rega 25/RB 600 :need advice with lift adjustment

I have a major annoyance when i play records:the lift does not pick up tonearm all the way towards the end of the record.With the lift up the needle is still riding the groove.With thicker records (180-220 gr)this happens even in the middle of the record.At the start of the record everything seems to work correctly.How to adjust this?Thank You all in advance.
You can adjust the lift height via a very small hex nut on the front of the lift post. I took me about 1.5 minutes total to do mine.
Ditto Djbnh...I also had a P25 and this needed to be adjusted when it arrived and I installed into my system.
Thanx,but that hex nut controls only horizontal position of the lift but not vertical.I can move it left and right but not up or down.
Overhang, you may need to loosen the hex a bit more. I found when I only slightly loosened it, I too could only move it left-right. Loosen it some more and it should work as per my and Stevecham's comments.
Thanks,it did work!