Rega 25 or VPI Scout

I'm new to analog and am planning on buying a table soon. I'm trying to decide whether to buy a new Scout for $1600 or a used Rega P25 at around $800-$1000. My other equipment is pretty decent:
Audible Illusions L1 preamp
CJ Premiere 11A amp
Sonus Faber Elekta Amator II speakers
Muse DAC and transport

I'd have to buy a phono preamp. Does the Scout get me to a whole new level than the P25? Thanks in advance for your responses. I'm new to audiogon and i love it thus far!

vpi scout
I would go with a planar 3 and spend you money on the cartridge phoni pre and Vacuum record cleaning machine
What's the latest word on whether Regas do, in fact, run fast?
Over the years I've owned the Planar 9, Planar25, 4 Planar 3s, and 2 Planar 2s. ALL have run fast. My current 3 has been upgraded to the new motor and it too ran fast. It cannot be pure chance. Roy Gandy must do it as part of his design. The easy fix is to file the pulley for accurate speed. The more elegant way is a VPI SDS.

The Scout is marginally better than the 25. The JMW 9 arm is far, far superior to the RB-300 which is very good. You pay more but you get more.

Michell Gyrodek SE. Michell/Rega arm.
How about also taking a look at the Nottingham Horizon or the Origin Live Aurora? Those are 2 other nice tables in your price range.
I have owned both and the Scout to my ears is better. It isn't as raw and pacey as the 25 but it is more natural and has a better sense of weight and space. Sonically I think the VPI does everything the 25 does and adds better bass, better soundstaging and a more natural midrange.
VS Vilkhu
Narrod-The P-25 comes with a RB-600 not a RB-300.
Quite a difference between the two.
I had a P-25 but recently bought a Oracle Delphi MKII w/Alphason HR-100 arm.
The Delphi smokes the P-25 all around.
If some have noticed small differences between the P-25 and the Scout,I'd say go Oracle!
David99- I know it comes with the 600. Typo. The JMW-9 is still a superior arm. I do agree about the Oracle. I have
a Mark II with SME IV that I love.
Narrod-Sorry to correct you.I figured you had made a typo but some newbies might not know.
I think the Oracle delphi is a incredible deck.
I got a killer deal on mine from "Toys From The Attic" 914-421-0069
This combo with the Alphason arm sold for close to $2400 in 1985'ish money.I added a Denon DL 103S NIB ($250) for $180 and its a sound to be taken very seriously.
If one shops around good deals are out there.
Mine came with a Cardas junction box on the back ($150 upgrade) for using your own I.C.s
My dealer thought it was a MKI, I sent the serial number into Oracle and it's in fact a II.
I wont tell you what I paid but here's a hint.<25% of the original retail.
Watch out for eBay for anyone looking to get a Oracle.They go for top buck there.
They arent that hard to set up either.All you need is the 'tool' and "I think" Oracle will give ya one if you dont have one.A bud gave me his 'tool' and Oracle sent him one.
The springs that come factoy installed are compatable with 90% of the arms out there.
Oracle decks are a classic and well worth looking in to.

I have had reports that someone with a modded 1200 bought a Rega 25 and had to go back to the 1200. Turned to be a downgrade...
VPI Scout.