Rega 2000 questions

Hello all,

I am in the process of researching turntables, but also want to upgrade my cd player from the Rotel 950 that I have to possibly a Rega 2000 or the earlier model, used. My system seems to be a bit on the dark or warm side with the Rotel and the B & W 602's. At one time, I tried a Parasound cd player and that was so ungodly bright that cymbal crashes or drum sticks on the rim, hurt my ears. I have a friend who uses the Rega with a pair of Biro speakers and it's a wonderful, open, detailed sound, with great soundstage and depth. I wonder how much the cd player vs speakers affects the sound. I am relatively new to this or should I say, not as well versed as most, so all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

well, the cd player does make a big difference in the percieved tonal balance of the speakers and associated equipment, for sure. if you're sensitive to shrill highs, the rega cd player will likely be a good match for you. it does ultimately sacrifice detail, but it's always engaging, musical, and easy on the ears.

the planet is good, the planet 2k is better, and if you can afford it, look at the jupiter 2k. you can find it used for around 1k. it's really nice. if i didn't own my resolution audio opus 21, i'd be happy still with mine.
I had an NAD 3-CD carousel, and bought a Rega 2000, which was an improvement. Then I got a good deal on a Toshiba 9200 CD/DVD and to my ears its much better than the Rega. I have Lowther Medallions, which can be bright, but its never been a problem with the Toshiba. It also upsamples to 192K, which I like because I think its makes my redbook CD's sound a little better.