Refurbishing a pair of KLH model six speakers

I just picked up a pair of KLH model six speakers. Hooked them up and the woofers seem fine but both tweeters dead in the water. Found manual on the web but only had four pages. Question is do I want to spend a lot of $ fixing tweeters? ans. no. I understand that the caps go bad and that might be the problem. If so, where do I get the right caps and how do I get to the crossover to replace them? Only reason I'm asking these questions is that these speakers bring back memories.
Likely that you get to the crossovers by removing the woofer and any filling that's inside the speaker. If there is any sort of tweeter level control, it's likely that corrosion in that control is the problem. This was/is a common problem on AR 2a/3a speakers. It's unlikely that the crossover itself is causing the loss of highs.

Once you get to the crossover, you can see if any caps are bulging or find high quality one's on the internet...but unlikely that's your problem.
Usually plenty of part etc. on Ebay..I bought a second pair for $1 and made a pair from two pairs of speakers..They look and sound great..Crossovers were fine in both pairs..I just flipped the tweeters............
Thanks for the info. I took the woofer out and poked around inside. Didn't see any bulging caps cause the crossover is all epoxy overed. I did take the tweeter out and put power to it and it works. There is a cap that is held down by a bracket and one of the leads go to the tweeter. Is this the cause?
If I remember correctly there is a black wire and a red wire ( pig tailed ) going to the tweeter..Red is hot/Black is neutral..You can also check the wire connection coming from the woofers that I think also ( Operating on memory ) are secured by a wire nut fastener..Its possible that the connection needs to be secured..Its not very likeley that both speakers have bad wire connection..If only one speaker was not operating I would think it would be possible but being they both don't work,it could be the crossover..
Both tweeters are working when hooked to external source. I need two crossovers in working order. does anybody have an idea where I can score them. Tried e-bay, no go.
Hi Guys,

I have a pair of Sixes I bought back in the early 70's from Tech HiFi a popular auidio boutique that started in Canbridge, Mass. Originally at MIT.

I replaced both my tweets as the originals were prone to failure when played at high volumes. I replace the tweets with high end Titanium domes and while at it I redesigned the cross over to cross at a slightly lower frequency to take full advantage of the sweet sounding domes in the midrange. I kept the original woofers.

I replaced the cap with Music caps and the coil too with an oxygen free Cu wire. I used silver solder, no wire nuts, and eliminated the resistors and switch, I replaced the thumb screws with Gold Bananas. Less is more.

Hey its 50 year old technology...the Sixes sound sweet especially on tube equipment which they were designed for. Legendary Kloss.
My KLH 6's have sealed cabinets. The woofer frame is sandwiched between 2 sheets of plywood. They can not be removed as they are an integral part of the cabinet. The tweeter is sandwiched in also. The surounds are fabric. All drivers are good. The cloth fabric front is sealed into the cabinet.

I have one pair that is in mint condition and another that I have cut the cloth from to see how they were made. The only way to get the crossover is cutting the back open.

Has anyone else experienced this early 1959 version. I bought mine at Layfett electronics on Route 9 in Framingham mass.