Refurbishing a Old Vinyl Cabinet, Need Help with Components


I am trying to refurbish this AWESOME piece of furniture that used to be a record player console. I need some help with finding speaker cones to go into the console its self since it was gutted to become a sad cedar chest. I have most of the woodworking down but don't have perfect knowledge of speaker components required to make this baby go. I WILL say that I am trying to integrate this with a Sonos system and got a sonos amp for Christmas (which I was very grateful for). Ill continue now with parameters of the chest and the parameters of the room.

The console holds on EACH side:
  • (1) 3.5' indentations pointing forward
  • (2) 6' indentations pointing forward
It also has a subwoofer pointing downward on the left side of the player.

The room is 15" x 12" which isnt to demanding of loudness.

If you want I would be happy to provide pictures.

Thanks for any responses!
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Probably should add that my budget in pointing towards a moderate price.
You might want to post this on Audiokarma. Many enthusiasts on that site have experience refurbishing vintage consoles. 
Though not a proper response to your question, you might be interested in this restoration:

And this guy might be able to assist you:

Sounds like a fun project. Good Luck!
Parts Express will have everything you need. You can also call and talk with a tech who can help make sure everything fits, guide you with crossovers and connections, etc.  

Part of the charm of these things is the sound. I wouldn't try too hard to modernize it. Find some drivers that fit, hook em up, maybe stuff a little filling in there, bet you are happy with the results. Kinda like to have one of these myself but finding the right one never quite worked out.