Refurbished Quads

I bought some original Quads that had been refurbished by Wayne PK of Quads unlimited. I originally thought the Quads were a bit to large for my room so I put them on the Audiogon to sell. I was in for a big suprise. I played the CD of Pink Floyd's The Wall the other night. I was amazed. It sounded unbelievable. These Quads are amazing. I am only using a three foot pair of zip cord as speaker cables. I am also using VTL TT 25 amps. I have used KEF, Martin Logan, Spendor, Sonus Faber, and none of those comes close to this speaker, designed before I was born. Run and buy a pair of these refurbished Quads. They are the best speakers I have ever had in my house. Quit trying to find the best CD player and take a look at your speakers. This was an eye opener.
Very Nice...The VTL Tiny Triodes are also at work here doing their majic on the quads. That should be quite a sonic treat inded , as long as you dont push too hard. Now...what about those zip cords? :)
Great!! I'm glad you discovered them. There is simply no finer midrange. I had a pair twenty years ago that I gave to a friend who still has them.

One suggestion: experiment with the power cords. They make a significant difference. I don't remember what I was using back then, but the gain was worth it.
not bad for a 48 year old speaker... I presume you bought the original QUAD which IMO is better than the 63 which came out in 1981 after 18 years devlopement, he started them in 63.

Do not play too loud though
I have a stacked pair-if you liked 2 try 4.