Refurbished Marantz SR7500 quality?

Are factory refurbished Marantz receivers a value? Looking to purchase a Marantz SR7500 from Accerories4Less, but concerned of quality and durability? Should I reconsider and purchase a used unit instead?
Accessories4less is a quality, customer oriented site and I have done business with them many times over the last 7 years. They came into prominence as the liquidator of the Acoustic Research 303 and HO series and IXOS cables. They are an authorized reseller and stand behind what they sell.

Receivers are sold as refurbished for any number of reasons ... problems that were factory fixed, customer returns, cosmetic flaws, etc. Call Acc4less and ask about the Marantz and what their experience has been. Smart companies, like Marantz and Onkyo, have just found it easier to use resellers to reintroduce a B stock item into the marketplace.

Regards, Rich
I owned a Marantz SR7000 and was very happy with it's performance.
I purchased a refurb Marantz CC4300 CD player from them that was as new, and is probably the best value you can find in budget carousel players. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again for another component.
I have purchased a Marantz receiver and dvd player through Accessories4Less and have been satisfied with both purchases.
I just replace my Marantz SR7300-OSE with the Arcam AVR350. While I'm fasinated by the Arcam's detail and imaging (in 2 channel), I miss the warmth and presence of my Marantz. I wish Marantz still did the OSE mod on today's receivers.