Refurbished Bluesound Vault 2

Has anyone purchased a refurbished unit from Bluesound? They have the previous models discounted so curious if they’re actual returned used units of inventory left over. Price savings on the Vault of $400 off doesn’t make sense if I’m going to use another DAC to spend the difference for the current.  $400 isn’t going to break the bank so if anyone has an opinion to spend the money and buy the current unit please share.


Just about any Bluesound product you are going to want to use a good DAC as that is its weakest link, especially the older Vault models.
Only the new models have 5ghz network capability.
+1 on adding a DAC for best sound, but the internal isn't bad for the money-This goes for all models.
I am not interested in purchasing a Bluesound unit at this time, but I am wondering if they have a trade in policy for the older units so that owners can upgrade to the 2i series.  If so, then they must have a lot of units to refurbish.