Refurbished Bluesound Vault 2

Has anyone purchased a refurbished unit from Bluesound? They have the previous models discounted so curious if they’re actual returned used units of inventory left over. Price savings on the Vault of $400 off doesn’t make sense if I’m going to use another DAC to spend the difference for the current.  $400 isn’t going to break the bank so if anyone has an opinion to spend the money and buy the current unit please share.


Just about any Bluesound product you are going to want to use a good DAC as that is its weakest link, especially the older Vault models.
Only the new models have 5ghz network capability.
+1 on adding a DAC for best sound, but the internal isn't bad for the money-This goes for all models.
I am not interested in purchasing a Bluesound unit at this time, but I am wondering if they have a trade in policy for the older units so that owners can upgrade to the 2i series.  If so, then they must have a lot of units to refurbish.
I don’t see any info on a trade in program. My guess they had a few returns but majority is NOS. They might have let dealers return the previous units in exchange for the current model and now the discounted price. 

I have no plans to use the built in DAC and not sure my area has 5G anyway and question it’s going to make much of a difference. Think I’ll take a chance on a refurbished unit as if I decide to sale it later I probably will not lose much if any.
I didn't mean 5g wireless, but 5ghz wifi signal. There are 2 bands, 2.5 and 5ghz. The latter is less used and offers higher transfer rates, but with a lesser range of coverage.
I got a Netgear 5ghz adapter for my Node 1. It works like a charm.
No trade in program. Refurbished might have been units they replaced to to some malfunction under warranty.

the Vault doesn't have wifi, the Nodes do
Some of these units may have been returned to the dealer by customers during  the trial period. Then given a clean bill of health for resale.

Agree that some Node 2 were returned NIB by dealers in exchange for the newer model.

2.5 or 5 doesn't really make any difference for audio . . . doesn't need that much bandwidth

The device may operate better on 5gHz due to less traffic; less dropouts, less skips.
Most wireless devices around the home/work are using 2.5gHz. It's connectivity, not audio quality. 

Faster transfer rates helps with issues of skipping/pops, etc.