Refurbish or Buy New Turntable

I have a question to put out to the forum. I have a Oracle Delphi mark ll turntable with an early Graham arm (Excalibur) and a Monster Apha Genesis cartridge (very low output mc .29mv). It has been in storage and I am ready to spin my vinyl once again. The table needs a belt and perhaps some suspension springs. My BAT VK 31SE preamp does not have enough gain to handle this cartridge and I was thinking of getting a higher output mc or a mm depending on compliance with the Graham arm.

My budget for the project is $ 1600 to $ 2000. In your opinion
will this old combination hold up against the new inexpensive table/arm combinations of today? Should I move on and look at Rega or the like combos?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Hi, you will still need a phono pre amp to go with your vk31se, even with a higher output cartrige. Please factor that into your budget.

I have not heard the oracle's next to the newer tables. But I guess for your budget reasons, refurbing what you have makes a lot of sense. Then maybe a new cartridge and a phono stage.

A lot of old cartridges have issues in their suspensions, and need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Good luck!
Stick to your Oracle Delphi mk II and Graham Excalibur. To jump up to a higher class would cost you more than $ 2000. It would be better to invest money in a fine new cartridge and/or new phono pe-apm. As you mentioned, you would need higher output MC cartridge (I have/use also high output cartridge - Benz Micro Ace H). The alternative is (with low output MC cartridge) an additional phono pre-amplifier. Re-wiring with better phono wires can also improve the sound.
the oracle is still one of the greats. a high output cartridge and you're in business.
You can buy an "Oracle Maintainance Kit" for $150 that has new springs and washers and dampers and all kinds of stuff to update your Delphi...

It's well worth the investment.
Thanks for the great imput. I failed to indicate that my BAT pre-amp does have a phono stage but will not quite give me enough gain to play the system at acceptable volume levels. Does this change any opinions?

Any suggestions on cartridges? Amps are Nuforce 9V2se and driving a pair of Coincident Super Eclipse lll.
The Transfiguration Axia is an excellent value, medium high output cartridge with very balanced sound, that is in your budget and should work with your preamp. The Clearaudio MCs typically have a healthy output as well, with a brighter presentation. Benz makes several higher output carts with a bit warmer tone.

dealer disclosure.
at 150x mm or sumiko blue point mc...300 bucks either way. the AT is really special
Hi, yes, The other posters hit it though. A good high(er) output cartridge and you should be good to go !