Refrigerating Circuit Board Based Attenuator


We just purchased a dual mono set of circuit board w/ resistor based attenuators for our monoblocks. They are stored until the technician who works on our amps. is available to install them.

Given the heat and humidity in our area: would someone please guide me on the benefits or detriments of storing these instruments in a refrigerator or perhaps the freezer. Would storing them in the freezer -- as opposed to the relatively milder temps. of the fridge -- potentially crack the plastic circuit board or threaten resistor integrity?

Thank you for your technical expertise and happy listening!
Do nothing except wait for the technician
Your best bet is to take a photograph of them and store that in the freezer. Ask Geoff Kait or May Belt, they'll confirm...

I take it this means the circuits will die a miserable frozen death. I did some research and apparently the condensation bringing them out of frozen condition will likely do more harm than if they were simply left alone, outside, sitting on a shelf in a relatively dry area.

Thank you gentlemen and pleasant listening to you.