Refinishing/Painting Speakers

I have B&W 603 S3 speakers in the Oak finish. The covering is a vinyl I believe. I will be moving, and the wood-tone will no longer work in my new place. Any advice about refinishing speakers?

There was a recent thread on this:
My reccommendation is to see if you can find a cabinet maker that can do this for you.
If the veneer is vinyl you cannot just sand it down and re-stain it so that leaves you with Painting as the only feasable DIY option. If you paint them the resale vaalue will be almost Nil.
I think a cabinet maker would be the best way to go, they will probably know how to strip off the veneer and you can have them resurface it with a real nice wooden veneer, and if done professionally with a real striking veneer will probably increase resale value. You also might inquire to the manufacturer if they have any suggestions.
Shipping may be a cheaper way to go. As in watch for a pair on the used board in a finish that will work and sell yours. I have seen ads for trading same speakers differenet finishes work in your same situation.