Referrence 3A's a good match with Lavardin?


I am considering a pair of Reference 3A Decapo's or Veena's to mate with my Lavardin IT integrated amp and vinyl-based system. My room is a 13 x 15 multi-use den that offers just one placement option with an 8 foot distance to my chair. Any experience with these combined components or general insight would be most appreciated.

Should be excellent. Get 2 sets of Clear Day solid core speaker cables- silver shotgun. If you can't afford to biwire now, he will make up matching jumpers. Search here for Clear Day
I have the Di Capo i's . I have heard these with only one SS amp , a CJ with a tube buffer and a tubed pre . I did not care for the sound and almost dismissed the speakers . Then I heard them with a Cary int. and a Cayin int. I ordered the De Capo's on the spot !

They are quite revealing of your upstream components , sound good at low volume levels , have good resolution , are fairly easy to drive and easy to place .
It has been my understanding that they were designed with tube amps in mind .

Good luck .
they are a worthy speaker brand for sure. the lavardin may or may not be a great match, but the speakers are keepers.
RIZ1, I have the original De Capo's...I personally don't believe that they are easy to place, so be careful, they do like a little breathing room from side walls. I have talked to somebody who used a Lavardin with the De Capos's and liked it very much. FWIW, the other SS amp I hear is good is the Redwine stuff, very happy customers there. Also, YBA is highly regarded with Reference 3A. I run an integrated tube and am getting a little sick of waiting for it to warm up just to listen, I may be going with the Redwine Sig 30.2 with a tube pre. It is hard to beat a good tube amp with Reference 3A. Good luck!
Thanks everyone for your input, I appreciate it. I'm leaning towards the Veena in the Reference 3A line, mainly for aesthetic (WAF) reasons. The room will look a lot better with furniture-like speakers (i.e. floorstanders) vs. bookshelf speakers and stands.

I'v got it down to the Veena's and Spendor S8e's. I did a lot more research on the match since my post and I don't think I can go wrong with either. Sean34 -- if you were to compare the Lavardin the Redwine and YBA gear would be a fair comparison sonic-wise.
Sorry, I can't compare all three as I have only heard the Redwine signature 30(not even the latest edition). The Lavardin and YBA are both pretty darned acclaimed pieces. I believe there is a thread on here that compares the Lavardin and the Redwine, try a search with both names.
I love Ref 3A speakers but you must hear the IT with Harbeth speakers. Probably the best midband reproduction in the audio world regardless of cost IMO.
I'm splitting up my IS Reference and DeCappo i partnership. If it's the reference 3A's you're wanting then I might try some high quality tubes. I'm going to try Living Voice speakers as I cherish the Lavardin.

I understand the WAF as mine does not like the De Cappos on stands. I'd go for something handsome and floorstanding. Real wood veneer seems to satisfy.

Should you decide to go Reference 3a , then definitely give them some room from the rear and side walls. Your Soudstage depends on it!