Reference Recordings (The Label)

I've been working on thinning out my stack of CDs, so have been listening to ones that I am not very familiar with so that I can decide if they stay or go.  A lot of them are Goodwill finds that didn't catch my ear and essentially were set aside.

The other night I discovered a new favorite.   Chandos: Bassoon Concertos Valeri Popov and the Russian State Symphony Orchestra.  It's not the best recording that I've ever heard, but the music is fun listening.

My wife has also enjoyed it, so picked up a couple more bassoon recording this evening and while I was also looking I ran across the following:

Label: Reference Recording
Pittsburgh Live Series on SACD

I picked up two:

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4 & Leshnoff (double concerto for clarinet and bassoon)
Shostakovich Symphony No.5 (won 2018 Grammy for best orchestral performance and best engineered classical album)

Anyone familiar with these?  I'm excited to hear them.

I have, and listened to today, Beethoven's 5&7, by the Pittsburgh Symphony on the Reference Recordings label.  Some reviewers say it has dethroned Kleiber!!

Outstanding recording and performance.  While during a recent inventory, I discovered several more recordings from this label.  Nice surprise.

The entire series is outstanding; I particularly like the Shostakovich and their Strauss recordings..