Reference Recordings Is Back

Good news! Reference Recordings is back in business, and their extensive catalog of fine audiophile recordings, including many in HDCD, is once again available. Check out their revived website at
Not only is RR back, all their recordings are on sale this month (Nov. 05) for $14.99 at Arkiv Music ( and at H&B Recordings Direct ( And you can buy them directly from RR. Welcome back, Reference Recordings!
Trying to get the Tutti Orchestra Sampler....still backordered at and
Milpai, You can get the RR Tutti Orchestral Sampler online from ($11 new or $8 used) or from Arkiv Music ( for $10 brand new (on sale this month).
Thanks Texasdave. CDUniverse also sent a mailer that they have it for $9.49.