Reference quality SACD/DVD-A recommendations?

Hello all,
I will be getting a universal player sometime next month. Are there any outstanding sacd/dvd-a discs out there that I should pick up first? The jazz catergory would be my preference, but classical or rock would do just as well. Please don't put a limit on your recommendations. If you know of 20+ that you think are remastered well, please list them if you have the time. Any comparison to its redbook counterpart would also be appreciated. Thanks.
Will do. However, please be patient. The list will take time, especially if you want comparision with redbook counterparts.
2 I picked up recently that are old recordings, very very nicely remastered:
-Bach Suites for solo cello, Janos Starker, on Mercurly Living Presence
-Ravel, Daphnis et Choloe, Boston Symphony/Charles Munch, on RCA Living Stereo.

But if you want hundreds of user reviews and ratings of SACDs go to: