Reference quality sacd discs

If anyone would be interested in sharing some sonic observations of their sacd collection I and many here probably would like to bat this issue around. So far , I personally have two standouts I am listening to. The Patricia Barber "Cafe Blue" which is an Original Master Recording and I am finding the new Bruce Cockburn " anything , anytime ,anywhere" to be excellent as well. Any thoughts or suggestions?
I'll go ahead and say it, I'm sure others will agree, the Jacintha "Autumn Leaves" disc on Groove Note is amazing--one of my personal reference discs.
I hope hope some readers will post regarding Classical music on SACD.

Richard--IMHO, there's not a lot from which to choose in the way of classical SACDs. This is the main reason I've been reluctant to invest much in hardware. I don't really enjoy all of the rehashed older analog stuff---too much of it was heavy-handed.

I can, however, recommend the Hyperion hybrid recording of Ravel/Faure/Debussy piano trios, with the Florestan Trio.
Check out WaterLily Acoustics' recording of the Phildelphia Philharmonic Orch. EXCELLENT.... you want to check out some of their other SACD titles
The disc from Florestan Trio is reaaly good sonicaly and performance. However, I have another recomendation:

With proper equipments and speakers setup according to ITU standard for multichannel music, the recent release of Mahler symphony no 1 and 6 from San Francisco Symphony Orchestra by Michael Tilson Thomas are truely amazing! For the first time, the three hammer blows in the last movement really strike my heart after each listening. You may prefer others interpretation, but these are my reference SACD for orchestra sound.

I hate to be a contrarian, but I have the Water Lily disc and wish I hadn't wasted my money!

Can't object to the music or the performance, but as far as I'm concerned, it might as well have been recorded in mono. Although I've followed the procedure for listening to a Blumlein recording to the letter, I still fail to get decent soundstage/imaging. It's like I'm listening to an orchestra from across the street! I'm amused every time Robert E. Greene "toots his horn" (in TAS) about his involvement in making the recording. This is a rare case in which I must agree with Harry Pearson, who has had very few, if any, nice things to say about the recording.
I have a couple of classicals from fidelis that are outstanding. I also like the Hilary Hahn recordings from Sony and as mentioned Jacintha and Patricia Barber are great. Midori (Mozart) are also very good recordings as well.

All titles from FIM especially "Audiophile Reference IV" and "Jazz at the Pawmshop"
Cant miss this one. Extra bouncy and note are for you to enjoy hrs after hrs...