Reference point for the Usher V-604

Can anyone direct me to any review for the Usher V-604 floorstanding speaker?

Also, would anyone like to comment on how this speaker rates versus say B&W or Dali?

Would you compare the 604 to the B&W 600 Series and the Dali Ikon?

I can not properly compare them to the other speakers you have listed, to due so would require me to do a side by side evaluation. Usher Audio speakers are good examples of bang for your buck speakers... excellent fit and finnish with sound quality surpasing their price point. The V-series may be the best example of this. In our showroom (home demo showroom) they work well with tubes or solid state. What we found to be a nice combo is Cambridge Audio Intergrated amps and recievers with the V-Series. See if your dealer will allow a in your home demo then you can judge for your self.
Primeone Media
Thanks for the information.

Unfortunately no local dealers carry the V series for audition.