Reference level cables that are 10-years old? buy?

Would you buy 10-year old cables? I just found at a local audio store on consignment some old Synergistic Research cables. Upon some research online, they look like the referenre cables reviewed in 1998 in Stereophile. These were originally retailed at something like $6k, $7k each back then. I can have them at 80% off, so somewhere in the $1,200 range. Still expensive for cables, but what the heck.

I am intending to bring them home later today to audition in my system. My current cables include 10-year old MIT MI-330 Pro XLR, Transparent Ultra. The newest cables in my system are a pair of Cardas Golden Ref & Pure Note Paragon Enhanced.

These Synergistic Research cables would replace the MIT, Transparent, and Pure Note.

The new Accelerators (1.2k retail) beat the previous generation X2 Absolute Reference top-of-the-line cables (over 5k when new) and it in turn the X2 active beat the old non active cables from the late 90's. Given the fact Accelerators retail for around 1.2k I'd say your not getting much of a deal when compared to new Tesla but when compared to other cable brands? Who knows.
I agree with Leica_man and stay with current technology. Just like a $5,000 surround processor 10 years ago is now obsolete so are those cables. ;-) I would skip it and go for the Accelerators.
"I agree with Leica_man and stay with current technology."

Really, how much "technology" advances have we had in copper or silver wire in the last 10 years?

I think the rate of electronics advancements is a poor analogy. Clearly, there's been advancement.

Cable advancement? Maybe. Definitely change over the years but "advancement" is not a given.
I would have to side with Pawlowski, I have a hobbyist for over 20 years and have seen more changes in Marketing then actual cable design.

FrankC, are you looking at the cables over at Music Lovers Berkley? I was there last week and saw those cables. FWIW, they have been sitting there gathering dust for at least a year, if not longer.
Let's see-the 10 year old Synergistic cables are non-active just like every other non-active cable currently on the market. The new Tesla cables are active, in and of itself a major advancement. However the new Tesla cables are in their fourth generation of active shielding, and other technologies like quantum tunneling, which is a breakthrough. Check out their website, try some cables, and then decide.
Hi Justlisten,

These were sitting at the San Francisco store. They probably brought them over from Berkeley as they are in the process of moving to where dB Audio used to be or around that area.

Have you actually compared the Accelerators to the Absolute Reference Cables ?.....the dealers all say they are better, because they have to....I can read about it here on some of these threads that claim they are better but have YOU actually compared these cables.... I have....and I still have my Absolute Reference Cables throughout my entire system except for three Shunyata King Cobra V1's, which by the way I happen to enjoy over their ''newer'' models as well. Point being.....newer is NOT always a guarantee that is better.
Have you asked the dealer if you can audition these in your system? They would take time to burn-in if they've been idle for that long, but it would still be worth the effort to try them. I'd otherwise have to agree that there are better/later cables available, even on AudiogoN in the classifieds, that you could have for the same money.
Just picked up the cables from San Francisco. I was incorrect, and they are not 10 years old. They are version 2 of those cables, all with active shield. So, maybe 5 years old or less?

To be exact:
Absolute Reference X2 XLR (1m): I believe this retailed at more than $4k.
Designer's Reference X2 XLR (20ft): At this lenght, probably close to $10 originally.
Resolution Reference X2 speaker cables (10ft): $3200 retail?

The left side of my brain is asking what the heck am I doing spending this kind of money on cables...

i find the older synergistic cables prefereable to the current production cables. the older cables are more forgiving, more balanced and not overly focused. i find the tesla cables analytical.
i find the older synergistic cables prefereable to the current production cables. the older cables are more forgiving, more balanced and not overly focused. i find the tesla cables analytical.

So much for "new technology".
Go by your ears. Good sounds good. If the older cables make you happy get'em/ If there is a difference between old and new models, is there 3 -4K difference? Seems to me you can by a lot of tickets to live events for the price difference, and no new “reference” product is going to sound as good as that!
I've only had time to listen to the cheapest cable in the bunch, the Resolution speaker cable. Compares to the Transparent Ultra that I am currently using, I would say the following:

1/ It has darker background (I guess that's what that actie shielding is supposed to do);
2/ Better definition of instruments;
3/ Better timber;
4/ Much more layering in the soundstage;
5/ Better control of the bass;
6/ More detail;
7/ But more polite in presentation. The Transparent seem to have more "impact". So more "wild"/"raw" as oppose to "polite", I guess.

As always, changing one thing will lead to another. I figure by changing out some of the upstream interconnects like the Cardas Golden Reference will more likely remove some of that "politeness".

I was supposed to return these by 3pm this afternoon. But I think I will just purchase them. The deal is way too good and I can sell my old cables to recoup some cost. That's my right brain talking. My left brain is still trying to accept the idea of spending this kind of dough on cables.

Thanks all for your inputs and listening to me rant.

Frank, if you haven't returned these cables yet, you should do so immediately and get your money back. Just let me know as soon as you return them so I can protect everybody else by making sure nobody else can buy them and get ripped of like this!

I am sure you have grown fond of this purchase, these are very good cables and just as good as many of the "newest" cables you can buy.